AP French – Get that "5" with Sabine

Get that “5” score on the AP French Language and Culture exam by tutoring with Sabine!


The required texts are AP French Preparing For the Language and Culture Examination by Richard Ladd and Allons au-delà! La Langue et les Cultures du Monde Francophone by Richard Ladd. As an AP French tutor, she guides each student through the activities and test practice so that they will achieve their desired score.

AP French Denver Certification

Certified AP French Teacher

Students will work on the following themes:

  • Les défis mondiaux
  • La science et la technologie
  • La vie contemporaine
  • La quête de soi
  • La famille et la communauté
  • L’esthétique

As a native French speaker and experienced teacher, Sabine offers you dynamic and friendly class sessions at an affordable price.


Are you looking to get that ‘5’ in AP French?

Well you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to simply get ahead, receive some extra practice, or really struggling, Sabine is here to help!


When should we get started?

Sabine will work with students throughout the year to catch up as needed with classwork. For those preparing for the AP Exam specifically, parents reach out in March to get more serious about their AP French Exam.


For further details, please contact Sabine Lérus-Watson at:

+1 (720) 217 6733


À bientôt !

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