French with Sabine

"La France d'Outre-Mer à Denver"

Apprenez, utilisez, impressionnez!

Vous parlez français - oui ou non?

No matter your answer, you've found the solution. Sabine Lérus-Watson, founder of French with Sabine, welcomes you!

Sabine is a native French speaker born and raised in Paris, France, and is now a French Tutor in Denver, CO, offering a variety of services. With her help, you too can speak French like a native, dress like the French, travel to France, translate documents, learn to cook French cuisine, and so much more.

Her mission is to deliver French language instruction so that you can achieve your goal to speak, comprehend, read or write in French. Sabine knows that personalized instruction in a comfortable atmosphere is the best way to maximize learning.

Sabine Lérus-Watson teaches French to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to impress your significant other, prepare for an exam, or work towards travel immersion, you've come to the right place.